Tamworth BrewFest will be held Saturday 17 November 2018

Situated on the grounds of the Scully Park Regional Sporting Precinct, Park Street Tamworth.

Tickets now on sale

Mike Carr

When you purchase a full ticket you will receive 10 tokens and a branded BrewFest cup. This year the cup is larger and the tokens will appear on your wristband. The wristband and the cup will be issued on the day, at the gate. The tokens are to be torn off your wristband and handed to the participating vendor upon sampling their products. Additional tokens can be purchased on the day.

1 token grants you a taster – a sample of beer, wine or cider

2 tokens grants you a full cup of beer, wine, cider or mixed spirit

When you purchase a designated driver ticket you will receive 2 free soft drinks.

Additional tokens, tasting cups and merchandise will also be available for purchase on the day at the merchandise stall.

Please note: Upon entering the gate at the venue you will be asked for proof of age and then issued with either a full ticket wristband, or a designated driver wristband. Please remember to bring your drivers licence or proof of age card – no proof, no purchase!


This year will be our biggest yet with 42 breweries, brands, wineries, suppliers and distilleries making up 28 stalls spotted around the grounds of Scully Park. The brewers will not exchange any cash, all samples will be paid for by using the tokens issued to you on entering the main gate. Additional tokens may be … Continue reading BREWERS


What goes well with beer… FOOD!! So together with some great tasting beer we are offering up some great tasting food. There will be a number of outlets available stocking a wide variety of tastes. Keep an eye out for menus coming soon.  


A craft beer and food festival in TAMWORTH wouldn’t be complete without some live toe-tapping music to kick back to. BrewFest 2018 will feature a live performance by Mike Carr to get you in the mood for dancing!  


TICKETS & TOKENS When you purchase a full ticket you will receive 10 tokens and a branded BrewFest cup. Tokens and the cup will be issued to you at the gate and may be used at the participating vendor stands to sample their products. The cup will be washed by the vendors for each tasting. When … Continue reading TICKETS & TOKENS


We want this event to be enjoyed by as many different visitors as possible of all ages. So here are some of the common questions if you are unsure. If you have a different question please feel free to contact us. What do I bring? If you have pre-purchased a ticket make sure you bring … Continue reading FAQs


KNOWLEDGE YOU CAN DRINK UP! Get to know your brews on a more deeper level… Betty Brew is here to school you! PILSNER Pilsners are light straw to golden in colour with a dense and rich head. The flavour is simple with light grain and hops bittering. It has a clean, crisp, refreshing finish. Pilsners can … Continue reading EDUCATE YOURSELF